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Things people say:

Thank you for giving me time, space and care to help me heal and work out who I am at a difficult time of my life. Your questions helped me gain valuable insight. I would highly recommend Jenny...JP: May 2024

You did not judge or make me feel insecure. I felt heard and able to tell you about some very personal issues. I would recommend Jenny for anyone who needs a calm, gentle lady with a kind face, and peaceful room to off load their worries...CB April 2024

...thank you so much for giving us the skills to listen and validate each others feelings through lots of different techniques. We both love your approach and how you can pinpoint exactly how we are feeling in the moment, and how to resolve it going forward...A&C (Couple): January 2024

Jenny helped me to get to the other side of an extremely difficult time and become what I feel to be, a better person, thank you for everything...AC:  October 2023

Wise, kind, warm, experienced - highly recommended to help un-muddle a difficult time! Thank you...HB:  May 2023

"Jenny was really helpful and an amazing experience, she helped me to get better understanding and control my emotions and struggles. She was very professional and made me feel I could tell her anything. It was completely worth it and an experience I will not forget. "  Many thanks...Andy:  February 2022

Jenny was of great help to me: she guided me to think things through in a different way, to see things from a perspective which had not (and would never have) occurred to me...DC:  November 2021

Thank you for all your help and support and that there is a light (a big light) at the end of the tunnel...SH:  September 2021

"The thing that strikes me the most about Jenny is her non- judgemental attitude. I feel I can say what ever I want and not feel judged. She is warm and kind and has helped me through many difficulties, using methods that are understandable and achievable. I would definitely recommend!...Suzanne:  July 2021

...I felt comfortable talking to her about very difficult memories...various theories enabled me to comprehend and deal with my troubling past. With her help, I feel able to move forward with my life in a more positive manner... RJ:  September 2021

I really can't thank you enough for your amazing efforts in helping work on my demons both past & present. I definitely have a different outlook on things now & deal with them very differently to how I usually would...KR:   March 2021

Jenny is excellent in her role as a counsellor. I found her approach and technique valuable in enabling  me to deal with my anger inside my grief. She is highly professional in her role and also she is direct and honest in a gentle manner. I highly recommend Jenny she is amazing. Thank you Jenny you have been my star of light...IP:  January 2021

Made me think a lot, sometimes about things I did not realise I had in me, very kind and easy to talk to ...GR:  February 2020

Jenny is incredibly skilled in what she does...I have been made very welcome and seen this is a safe place where I can be truthful, happy and open...NM:  October 2019

Your support has definitely helped me find some balance and reasoning at a very difficult time of my life. You have a gift of turning tears into words, I can finally catch my breath. For that, I can’t thank you enough...Sarah:  October 2020

Jenny...creates a comfortable and safe space to share your emotions and problems...HP:  September 2019

It really has made a huge difference. Only a short time and I feel more able to cope with life...Jo:  August 2019

I am very grateful to Jenny for providing a judgement free and safe environment for me to say those things that I hadn't dared to say out loud to myself, let alone anyone else. Jenny encouraged me to talk, to explore my thoughts and to consider myself a fascinating human being, one worthy of my own self-care and self-approval for being my own fallible self...R:   July 2019

Jenny is very easy to talk to and strives to understand things from my perspective. She is knowledgeable and has shown patience, support and encouragement during my time with her. She will help you to unpick whatever is troubling you, but at a pace that is right for you...Julia:   July 2019

I am glad that I got help from Jenny. She listened to me and showed me some tools to help me in my work relationships. Learning about boundaries has been very good. I am so relieved. I can say 'No!' now...J:   March 2019

Jenny is a very skilled and professional counsellor. She helped me over 12 sessions through a very difficult time. I am confident that I would not have been able to recover in the way that I have, without Jenny's help and insight -  I am so grateful to her...RH:  June 2019

I have had counselling with Jenny for 12 weeks and have found her knowledge and expertise really helpful and uplifting. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jenny to anyone who needs help with their problems/issues...HL:  January 2019

Jenny is welcoming and approachable. The sessions were well thought out, with direction at times, which is what I needed. I am going to enjoy life instead of thinking about it...DS:   May 2018

Different to what I expected, Jenny is extremely approachable with any subject or concern. It has helped my relationship and myself personally...RM:  February 2018

Jenny was a fantastic counsellor, helping me to understand my true emotional situation and the causes of it from my complex background and childhood. From her caring and very professional guidance she showed me how I can learn to deal with the past - and the future - whilst still being able to smell the roses that day...Dave C:  September 2018


Thank you so much for listening. I feel I have gone on a journey with you - from feeling so sad and alone to feeling content and really happy x ...Sharon:  July 2018

Jenny has helped me realise the important things in life!...Anon:  June 2018

I think I can allow myself to be happy now...E:  May 2017

I feel so much lighter. Right person to support, encourage and make me work hard to understand my grief. Now to living my life ...Wendy:  June 2017

I feel heaps better over everything! And we have covered a lot - life is looking good...P:  April 2017

Feeling a lot more positive and less anxious thanks to Jenny...Bill:  June 2017

Release from guilt! Relief!... Pauline:  April 2017

It has been really helpful talking through my work situation and working towards finding more of a balance...JK:  March 2018

I can't thank Jenny enough for getting to the core of my emotions and leading me to my own recovery...Sue:  March 2017

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